I specialize in helping couples and individuals overcome their roadblocks for intimacy. I count it a privilege to work with men and women at the intersection of their humanity and their sexuality.

I work exclusively with couples and individuals. This includes those who are seeking relationship repair due to infidelity and compulsive sexual behavior, as well as those who are adult survivors of childhood abuse. A significant part of my practice is devoted to those seeking help with sexual desire problems, gender-specific sexual problems (such as post-partum depression and vaginismus), sexual identity/orientation concerns, and mood problems (anxiety and phobia, anger, depression). I also work with cancer patients and cancer survivors, and those experiencing chronic disease (diabetes, heart/vascular disease). 

I have been in clinical practice since 1993. In my years of work as a marriage and family therapist, I have seen how sex and intimacy is often about the life-issues which we encounter as human beings along the way. I am here to serve. If you are seeking help for your relationship, I invite you to call me at (650) 948-2741, or email me.

If you are ready to consider psychotherapy, I invite you to 
email me or call me at 
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(650) 948-2741
Los Altos, CA