I provide psychotherapy designed around your needs and objectives. If you are interested in learning more about how psychotherapy might help you, please email me, or call me at (650) 948-2741. I will call you back to confidentially discuss your needs.

Individual Psychotherapy
I provide individual psychotherapy for men and women. I am committed to helping you learn to effectively address problems and concerns at the most intimate intersection of your life, involving your sexuality and your relationships. Generally speaking, most individual sessions are 50-75 minutes in length. 

Couple Psychotherapy
I work extensively with straight, mixed-orientation, and LGBT couples. My special interest is helping you develop the insights and skills needed to effectively work through the negative and counter-productive patterns you are encountering as partners, spouses or lovers. Most sessions are 50-75 minutes in length.

If you are ready to consider  psychotherapy, 
I invite you to email me or call me at 
(650) 948-2741. I will call you back to confidentially discuss your needs.

(650) 948-2741
Los Altos, CA